Restaurant, Bar, & Club Bookings

With more than 250+ live shows per year & 24 years working the scene, Ian gets around.

Tailor made sets to fit seamlessly into any venue, whether casual and fun or elegant, live acousitcs from Ian McIver are sure to add a unique vibe to compliment your business atmosphere and add value for you and your customers. 

Regular Performances at the following venues this year:

Private Clubs:

Edison House, Rice-Eccles Stadium, The Natural History Museum of Utah, The Salt Lake Country Club

Fine Dining Establishments:

Royal on Ridge, Lake Effect, Society (Edison House), Tupelo


Ruth’s Diner, The Cotton Bottom Inn, Slackwater, Citris Grill


Lake Effect, Boomerangs, The Spur, Donkey Tails, Tailgate Tavern, Handlebar

 and many more…